The Incredible Orb

Most Ghost hunters are very familiar with orbs.  Although it is not a real scientific understanding, it seems that an orb is how ghosts or spirits travel since they don’t always have the energy to take human shape.  If you watch any of the new ghost shows on television you will see many examples of them.

Yesterday evening I was taking pictures of myself for a new profile I had created and was having quite a bit of camera problems.  I use a Fuji Digital, and it has been a great camera for the most part except for this night.  I was having a lot of issues taking pictures in focus, and it was getting quite annoying.  I finally took the camera and kept taking pictures of the same chair that just moments earlier I had moved a box from.  Each photo came out completely blurred until finally one came out looking good, however, a nice size orb had appeared in the picture that was not in any of the other photos of the same chair I kept taking.  I then began ot believe that maybe the spirit was using the cameras energy which caused all the problems I was having.  The camera no longer works?  I knew I was not alone in my home, but now I’m sure.

Much of the time you can prove that an orb is truly dust, but this could not have been the case or there would have been a whole series of what may appear to be an orb.  It’s up to you what you believe, but there must be more to this than we could possibly know or understand.

It Should Be Haunted If It’s Not

A friend of mine was showing me some pictures of this old house in a small Ohio town of Utica.  The sad thing about the whole situation is the place is scheduled to be torn down.  It’s hard to believe that a small town wouldn’t want to protect it’s history.

The place has the look of a perfect haunted house, but since I know so little about it, and since it has been empty for so long, who can say.  The current owners say that the house would take over $100,000.00 to renovate, the roof leaks and I heard that the someone had went through the floor also.  The odd thing is it has new windows.  It’s a real shame that the house wasn’t cared for since it is such an interesting architectural style.  If you look closely at the front of the house you can see that it had been built in additions. It may have been a quaint little farm house once.

This is just one of those issues where I wish I could do something to preserve the old place.  But since I can’t go in it’s really hard to tell what all it really needs.  Coming up with the time and money also doesn’t help. Anyway,  Enjoy the pictures.

Is It Thrill Or Is It Imagination?

DSCF5433I don’t know if your anything like me, but this is the season that creates the desire to visit old forgotten graveyards.  Ever since I can remember, there was something so compelling about this, that I just had to do it.  When I was in Elementary School in Lexington, Ohio, I had a field trip where our homework was to make a chalk grave rubbing on paper.  I never forgot the name, William McKinley.

I just recently took a little trip to this cemetery and shot some pictures.  Much to my dismay, my camera’s memory card was full, and I was left empty-handed, or had I thought.  I then realized that my cell phone was good for more than just a jabbering device, so I went to work.  Lexington’s cometary is very old, it has some great gravestones that date back to the 1820’s with Revolutionary War Veterans buried.  The cemetery is well-kept.  During my shoot I was the only person there, with the exception of an elderly lady who was sitting in her car for a while in the back of side of the property.  It wasn’t long before she left, I was then alone.  I took quite a few pictures of the fine stones that fill this cemeteries grounds.  Toward the end of my shoot, a mini van had pulled in, however, I was pretty much done, and proceeded to leave.

10-18-09_1403Later that evening I uploaded the pictures to my computer and was looking over each of them, and found the strangest thing.  A figure of a man walking with his hands behind his back.  There was nobody there, and I never shoot a picture at a graveyard with someone alive in it.  Although, I know there was nobody there, the skeptics may say I probably wasn’t paying attention and caught someone in the picture.  That’s fine, I don’t really care to know what others opinions are, but knowing what I feel is enough for me.  I have the picture posted here for you to see. I will also have it on Flickr because it is hard to see what I’m talking about on the blog here.  Decide for yourself.

Spirits walking the earth after their lives passing is a very controversial subject.  I believe it’s true, but many refuse to believe what they don’t understand or have not witnessed.  I don’t believe they are here to do harm, but just lost between dimensions feeling like they have not finished an important task.10-18-09_1432

The Knox County Infirmary, Is It Really A House Of Nightmares?

poor house27This building in all its glory was never built as a home but was erected in 1875 by Tinsley & Co. to be the Knox County Infirmary.  A good friend of mine had introduced me to the place only a few months ago.  It’s one of those places that leaves you in awe the moment you set eyes on it.  It stands tall in the small town of Bangs in Knox County Ohio, however sits abandoned and has for quite a few years now.

038The building For the longest time had been the home to the poor and needy of the area.  This would make one believe that a cemetery should be nearby.  I have heard no evidence of this.  Knowing that this place had been the home of so many, it leaves the mind to wander, it could truly be a house of nightmares, not just because it was used as such not so long ago for the fun of a Halloween scare, but just for a lot of lost or misplaced souls.  Rumor also has it that during the period it was owned by the local church college students were killed in an elevator that broke and crashed to the lowest level of the building.  Looking at the place, it just looks haunted with its dingy bricks and enormous Victorian appeal.  Although you are not allowed to trespass to the inside, you can walk the grounds and feel that you are not alone.  Many pictures were taken by friends and myself in the darker hours, and strange orbs can be seen in many of the pictures as well as some strange shadows of figures in the windows.  Knowing many will argue that orbs are dampness picked up by the camera, you can decide that for yourself.

The Infirmary is a registered historic building, the question is, when will something be done to put it back into its glory?  Is it really haunted?  Is it just naturally Creepy?  Find out for yourself.various